a 100% natural treatment for dry, chapped and peeling lips, i-Aroma
dry, chapped, peeling lip treatment i-Aroma

Lip Repair

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Regenerate distressed & dehydrated lips.

Restore your lips and prevent dryness, chapping & peeling with i-Aroma's natural Lip Repair serum. Formulated with plant-derived squalane & vitamin e for weightless moisture.

Squalene is the component of human sebum that helps to lubricate and moisture the skin and provides a natural barrier against external irritants and pollutants.  You see, our lips don't have sebaceous glands, like our face, that produce oils to protect our lips. In addition, our skin needs squalene for lubrication but unfortunately the amount of squalene that our bodies produce starts to drop during our teen years.

i-Aroma's Lip Repair uses hydrogenated plant-derived squalene to form a squalane (with an "a) which makes it more stable and stops the oil from going rancid quickly.

Lip Repair can be used as a lip base before applying other lips products such as lipstick or lip balm or on it own. It is:

  • fragrance free.
  • fast absorbing & provides deep moisture to repair lip damage.
  • provides lips protection against sun, wind, cold weather damage.
  • 100% natural, vegan, free from nuts, alcohol, petrolatum, beeswax, silicone & fragrance.

Recommended Use:  
Note: a little goes a long way.

Roll on lips & lightly rub in 2-3 times/day. Leave for several minutes before applying lipstick.


    phytosqualane derived from olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, d-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin e) 

    Comes in a 15ml amber glass bottle in a faux leather sleeve with stainless steel rollerball applicator.

    Store in a cool place, tightly closed, away from direct light.